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Will I?...part 2
Posted:Dec 14, 2012 2:01 am
Last Updated:Apr 27, 2014 4:12 am

As our bodies melt...

Your body firm with sweat glistening against me as you lay me down on the bed. The softness of the red satin sheets caressing my red rounded ass. Your hands caress over my calves, over my sweet mound, over my stomach, kneading and pinching my nipples as I gasp, cupping my neck, the feel of your cheeks against mine. Your lips seek mine hotly passionately toying with my tongue as you pull my bottom lip out biting. Your eyes piercing into mine.

Kneeling up you spread my legs wide edging bettween my thighs, feeling your thigh pressed firmly against my pussy. Leaning over without taking your eyes off me, lean over me and slide a hand under the pillow behing me. Kissing my lips tightly again locking pulling tugging once more. Burning in my heart shooting liquid fire to my pussy. Your hot lips leaving mine, swiftly taking in my left nipple first with your hands and your mouth, pulling the bud out rounded burning stinging, releasing as you look at me watching me gasp arch. Sliding your hand out bring a chain and clasp it on my left nipple..screwing it tight as I arch again...the pain rendering me speechless. Moving across to the right nipple kneading with your hands pulling and tugging again with your mouth teeth grazing as it too pops out. Clamping on the right nipple and tightening. My back arched, biting my lips, my face contorted at the pain..shooting pleasure pain of liquid fire to my pussy.

Swiftly moving down the bed, feeling you duck your head to my sweet pussy so wet, your tongue firm slides into me forcing my soft folds apart digging into my pussy your nose rubbing at the entrance inhaling..hearing you growl...dip in and along my folds to my pussy taking away the pain on my nipples by the clamps. With one hand you grasp the chain on my nipples and tug, my hips rising off the bed into your probing tongue...Pleasure....pain...Pleasure...pain as you repeat the process. The building of my climax over and over as you halt ever 10 or so licks. My chest burning, I'm grasping for the bed sheets, my body slick wet now and finally you stop your tugging leaning up your cock pressing at my entrance sliding up to my clit teasing me. Unable to breathe lying on the edge of an orgasm...you come up to stare at me intently in my eyes....growling...You want my cock in your fine pussy? Do you? You never answered me before...I..stroke of cock over my clit..AM...another stroke...Your....another stroke...Master..another stroke...Yes? I don't answer him thinking yes that's right I had not answered clouding my thoughts I wanted him to fuck me and I wanted it bad. Watching me intently he then dove into the crook of my neck just below the ear.. grabbing my skin with his teeth..biting HARD bringing up blood to the surface as he bit. His hand pulling up on the chain and his cock stroking once more...OH GOD!! the pleasures... hearing him growl into my ear again WELL?

YES YES!...............MASTER!

Just as swiftly had he been on my neck...he pulled up. Thrust his cock hard driving into my pussy over and over again Pistoning in, his fingers sought my soft folds once again, rubbing over my clit out of it's hood. As i contracted around his cock pulling hard as I could savouring each feel of him within me. As I started to quiver and buck wildy beneath him, Reaching up he released the clamps the blood soaring back to the surface. The tingles shooting liquid fire once more to the core of my body....arching high, leaning my head right back stretching my upper body taut. Squeezing my eyes shut gasping for air. His balls slapping against mine as I felt him tighten his body up and with one last flick of his finger and one last thrust Our roars combined together as we came...FUCK! FUCK! we both screamed our animal desires let loose like a cannon as we both shook. As he stopped I rolled him over straddling him...grinding my hips into him rolling grinding thrusting myself as unseeing in action as in eyes...grabbing his skin pinching pulling clawing...AHHHHHH! chest heaving in great motions..I milked his cock hard and heavy. Riding my own sensations out. Till at last I spasmed and stopped falling onto his heaving chest letting out exhaled air.

Our bodies spent he wrapped his arms around me as we calmed down from out frenzy.....growling into my hair..MINE!

Will I.....? Part 1
Posted:Dec 8, 2012 4:23 am
Last Updated:May 8, 2013 6:57 am

I feel your warm breath close to mine, Your growls soft...how much do you want me? Your hands travel down my arms as you remove my jacket. I stand stock still..unmoving. Placing a blindfold over my eyes, gentle as you secure the material in place.

Taking my hand in yours, I can feel the touch of your fingers speaking volumes of unspoken words to trust and to obey, to follow and receive. Guiding me forward, treading lightly across the floor. I feel myself come to a stop I feel your hands on me again, untying my halter neck dress that showes of my curves,Feeling it slither down my body as you push it firmly down, caressing my skin as you go. I shiver and focus on the blackness before me. Listening to your movements, trying to calculate the distance between us only feeling the heat. Standing before you in my newly acquired lace bra, panties, suspenders and thigh top stockings.

You murmur an appreciation of how well I had done to choose the garments. I smile thanking you that like what you see.

As you cup my chin with your fingers, taking my lips between yours as you take mine roughly leaving me, as you unclasp my bra, sliding the straps down loosening my breasts my nipples popping out already partially erect from anxiety and lust. Leaning down your lips slightly at the tip of my nipple all I can feel is your tongue moist swipe around as it buds to life. Then doing the same to the other, I Gasp.... holding my breath, my breasts raising as I do so. Shivering at your tongue licking.

Your warm hands caressing my stomach around to curve my ass and pinching tightly causing an exclamation Ahh! Your growl deepens...

You've done something wrong.....

Can you remember what it is?

Tell Your Master Now!

As I bite my lips, feeling your eyes on me, your hands grip my ass tightly, as I hesitate, my hands beside my body..thinking Master? I had not agreed or succumb to his demands, to be His...All I can think of is the M word...

You growl at me again...SMACK! on one of my ass cheeks..the Stings and sound resounding through my skin....Answer ME! you speak in an authoritive voice, but not menancingly. As the M...words fade away into the air the burn spreading across my cheek and finding myself seep an arousal of moisture between my legs, within the soft mounds. I stammer out...thinking wildly of what it could be...making me doubt what I may have done that could have been wrong...SMACK! on the other cheek the stinging causing my blood to rush to the surface. Feeling you step back, you graze my arm as you step behing me placing your hands on my cheeks as you carress the burns. You lift one arm above my head holding it there, then lift the other one up holding with hand as you move...feeling a soft material being wound around one wrist then the other. Feeling only you lift up against my back your cock aroused against my back, your hands fiddling above me...stopping and stepping around me. As I stand there wondering what you are doing forgetting altogether that I hadn't answered you.

Your body against me, your lips on my stomach, your hands on my hips as you hook fingers into the bands of my panties, sliding them down over my ass, sliding down my legs as you get to my feet, letting go of one side as you caress one calf lifting that foot gliding your fingers over the top of my foot, around my toes, feeling material as you peel it off. Shifting to the other calf and doing the same, glide, slide, lift. My bare mound now exposed as cool air hits the flesh. Instinctively I squeeze internally my soft founds, sending my arousal tingling, teasing my clit. As I want to feel your lips, your tongue to caress my soft folds.

Hearing a thud slap, guessing it is something you are slapping against your hand. I hear your words once again after being silent as you bound my hands, as you removed my panties....NOW can you remember? You boom..well it sounds like booming in the silent room. My heart thud thud thud..I stammer..um was it because...I was ...um late? Tilting my head to one side, discovering I can't move from that position. I sway slightly, shifting my feet to keep balanced. Yes that is correct You were 10 mins late and you know you that requires a punishment.

My heart races anticipating what you are going to do......Feeling Your hands on my hips I spin..ohh! as I'm faced the other way. Your hands caressing my ass cheeks...You have such a lovely gorgeous curvy ass, perfect for My hands.Though a rose blush would look lovelier on it. Now you will receive 10 smacks with this paddle I am holding. Anticipating the 1st one...it lands on my left cheek with a resounding SMACK! alternatively the SMACKS SMACKS SMACKS between my 2 cheeks land with no stopping. Tears coursing down my cheeks from the stings, the burns spreading delightful finding myself wet between my thighs. His words firm Now You Won't be Late again.

Feeling your arms wrap around me, gentle murmurs Now it is time to take those pains away for now....Your cheek against mine, kissing down past my ear, your lips finding mine, gliding across my bottom lip, across my teeth, finding my tongue seeking. Groaning as you devour my lips, hold me steady.

As you let go of my lips and uncurl yourself from my body, I feel you once again leaning up untying my hands, rubbing my arms, my blood flowing once more again. Following my curves with your hands, kneading life back along my neck, your hands dragging down my spine, over my blushed ass, around my shoulders once more as you tips glide down over my chest to my breasts...you stare into my eyes, watching my face, every tremor, every gasp as you pinch my nipples that are firm already, aroused. Your hands sliding down over my stomach, to my sweet mound. My scent sweet intoxicating to your senses, setting your arousal soaring higher. Picking me up you carry me to the bed laying me down.

Our bodies melts........

In his eyes
Posted:Dec 4, 2012 2:57 am
Last Updated:Apr 27, 2014 4:12 am

He saw her across the room
She walked in her aura like a red warm glow
She walked with confidence
She walked with her head held high

Her hair a glowing ember of dust
long and flowing, swishing along her delicate spine.
Her eyes a soft green, that looked into your soul.
Her nose delicate indicating her senses were raw.
Her cheekbones strong, yet delicate.
Her lips a plum in shape, her bottom lip plump, her top lip oozing to be nibbled.
Her arms flowed graceful.
Her hands a delight in what she could capture.
Her bare shoulders teasing of what flowed downwards.

Her breasts shapely, softness of her curves caressing to the eye.
Her stomach though not flat, strong.
Her legs medium in length, carried solid thighs and shapely calves.
Her toes peeking out from her opened toed heels, capping off the body that I wish beneath my hands.


Striding over to her, I took her in my arms encircling her with my strong arms. Feeling her heart beat against my chest, the softness of her melting in my body, blood rushing to my arousal.

Stroking her long hair through my fingers, I hold her head up, tilting her chin with one hand lowering my lips to taste those plump lips. Taking her lips in mine, devouring those plump lips slipping my tongue to find her to tease it out, hearing her gasps my arousal twitching moaning into her mouth.

Lowering my hands down as I stroke her arms fiercely entwining my fingers into hers wanting her to capture me within hers to draw out delight.

Stroking up lowering her dress sliding it down revealing her breasts free of a bra, as they jump out at me her nipples pink orbs delectable. Her dress dropping to the floor I follow the travel as I kneel down tracing my hands down her stomach to the vee of lace pink panties. Hooking my fingers either side sliding them down swiftly over her strong thighs, her mound bare and invitingly sweet.

The sweet scent of her perfume, of her sex so arousing, stand and take my pants off my cock springing free.My shirt off quickly exposing my chest. Stepping up to her again leaning in placing one hand to her neck, the other one on her arm, kissing her lips deeply guiding her back against the wall.

Lifting her arms above her, trailing my fingers, my nails raking down both arms. By the curve of breasts as I cup them in hands, fitting nicely in palms, as I growl, the softness, tipping her nipples in my thumbs. Erecting to nubs, bending my head taking her nipple in between my lips licking them firm. Lifting my head kissing her cheek, along her neck back to her lips.

One hand travelling down over stomach as her breathing is broken, my hand flattens on her mound slipping a finger into her soft folds her moisture evident, arousing me more in my chest my breathing deeper. Caressing her soft folds up circling her clit as I gaze into her eyes watching her fold into my hand, her eyes darkening. Riding her bliss as I caress stronger around her clit, slipping in 2 fingers within her pussy walls, her pussy walls contract around my fingers as her groans grow louder. My cock throbbing so hard, precum leeking from my tip, my balls so tight.

Waiting no longer as I remove my hand standing in front of her, edging forward as I press firmly into her, taking my cock, pressing it along the folds, using it to tease more, the feeling on my shaft sensitive, as I hold myself together. Edging her folds open the sensations overcome me, roughly holding her to the wall as I thrust inside, her velvet walls enclosing around me, feeling like cotton wool but firm, pulsing. Groaning cupping one breast in my hand, other one lifting her leg up pressing it against the wall in a L shape, angling my head around taking her neck into my lips suckling smelling her perfume, enhancing her sweet aroma. Dipping down with my legs, easing my shaft out of her and thrusting back into her. Ploughing harder with each thrust, moving my hand of her breasts tender from my touch, to her clit, circling, taunting it out of it's hood. Her quivering, screams to Fuck her harder driving me on, my balls tightening, the feeling of my veins constricting, the air being sucked from my balls as i pinch her clit, popping it out of her hood. As her body tightens under my hands, thrusting and stroking her orgasm out of her. As I hear her Fuck! Yes!, the last of her cries I thrust right to her G spot, drawing everything out of her as she rocks out of control her fingers digging into my skin, releasing my seed, spurting wave after wave. Throwing my head back letting out a roar "OH MY FUCKING GOD!" Shaking almost collapsing as I take her body, angling and thrusting until her cries subsides and we just shake, thrusting, grinding with another one. Feeling our juices slide down our legs, easing out of her, panting our eyes glazed over as we settle down. Taking her lips in mine deeply kissing her, sending her shuddering again.

Letting go of her leg, hugging her close to me sliding to the floor, kissing her softly, caressing her cheeks as she rests into the folds of my body.

In his pressence
Posted:Dec 2, 2012 3:38 am
Last Updated:Dec 20, 2012 1:58 pm

Leaning in him as he draws his arms around me, he makes me feel wanted, warm, loved and safe.

Curling my arms around his body, my arms resting beneath his arms, holding my cheeks to his chest.

Tilting my head up, raising my softly plumped lips, to meet his, drawing my tongue out to slide across his bottom lip as I tease his lips open to nip gently along it.
Gazing up my soft brown eyes looks at him with desire and lust.
Slipping my tongue I find his tongue, dancing to a sweet tune our tongues collide, changing pace as desire and lust sweeps us up.

Feeling one of his hand slide down my spine to cup my ass, squeeze and pull him closer. His other hand sweeps my soft locks over his hand as he finds the base of my neck, along the collarbone, as he pulls me closer. His fingers generating a soft pull to my core, my arousal ebbing gently.

Untangling our lips, I travel my lips down over his chin, nipping into the curve of his neck, along his neck to his earlobe, taking his lobe in my ear, breathing gently tickling as I feel him shudder against my breasts as I tease him, wanting him to take me, showing him the best way I can.

Gliding my outstretched hands down his back my nails raking gently. Sliding under the hem of top, lifting it up and over, revealing me his soft flesh, my nipples budding as i see his soft body that is mine.

As I feel him remove my clothing, his eyes a piercing of want, lust, desire pooling between us.

Hooking my fingers into his waistband sliding along it to the front, unclasping his button, lowering his zipper as I edge his pants off him, feeling his firm ass as i round my hands around to lower, moving my hands brushing his cock around the front. His cock spring free as I push his pants down.Tilting his head back, closing his eyes a soft groan escapes his lips.

Feeling his hands gently lower my bra, slipping his fingers in to touch briefly my nipples as he removes it, his lips softly kissing as he goes. Moving his way down, he unclasps my jeans, sliding his hands along, kissing taunting. A soft groan escapes my lips, my head tilting back, my locks brushing my back. As he lowers my jeans he brushes my bare mound.

We press together our bodies gently touching, our hands roaming, pace grows like flowers emerging in the sun. Till we need to take of each other what we need, what we want. As he slides his hand flattening his hand over my mound he dips a finger in, my pussy so wet, as i shudder and flex pushing against him. He strokes my fire, slipping another finger each time, working his way to my clit and down again.

I clasp my fingers in my cock, teasing and taunting his flesh to cup his cock firmly into mine, gliding my thumb along his glistening precum cock.

Laying down head to toe, he leans into my pussy to weave his tongue in, licking my walls, travel up to my clit to encourage it out of it's hood in a viscious pleasure cycle. I take his cock into my mouth, dashing my tongue out I slide my tongue along his slit, swirl my tongue around his mushroom head, gliding down his shaft and up again, using my other hand, to massage underneath his balls down the centre to this ass, whilst my mouth inches bit by bit by bit by bit by bit bye bit bye bit to the base, holding his throbbing cock warmly in my mouth, before pulling up along his shaft in a viscious pleasure cyle.

As we feel each other shudder and tighten, groan, biting each other. We turn..I see his blue orbs darken as he looks into my soul, my brown eyes darken and gaze at him. As he enters me sweetly and roughly, hitting instantly where the heavans open. As he pistons in and out grazing my soft folds, convulsing around him. Our hands locked onto each other nails raking, pinching and pulling, to climb up a mountain to it's peak.

As we reach our peak, him throwing his head back yelling out loudly. I lean into his neck and bite, scrape with my nails, screaming intensly. As we devour each other melding as one.

As we ebb down he holds me in his arms as I hold him, resting.

In his presence, there is no one else, even with a room full of people watching.....


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